We work on a range of projects about innovative policy and practice for clean heat supply and low energy buildings.

Our research is collaborative, working with governments, public bodies, business and civil society, and is geared to co-development of knowledge and capacity building. We advise Scottish and UK Governments on low carbon heat and energy efficiency strategies, as well as on aspects of climate change plans, fuel poverty, heat supply standards and customer protections.

Net Zero Living and Societal Change: A Scoping Study

Local Energy Business and Financial Practices

Informing development of next generation local energy system business models and financing

Multi-level Governance and Energy Demand

How are devolved, regional and local authorities responding differently to goals of low energy, low carbon development and building retrofit?

Energy Efficient Scotland Programme – Pilot evaluation

A multi-criteria evaluation of 25 low carbon heat and energy efficiency projects led by local authorities across Scotland.

Reframing Energy Demand – Innovation for Sustainable Heat

How are the ‘problems’ of sustainable heat and energy efficiency understood in different countries and different cities, and how can they be solved?

Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems

Investigating energy plans and projects developed by UK Local Governments, in the context of our climate protection and clean energy policies.

Heat and the City project

What role do ‘cities’ play in sustainable energy transitions in the UK and elsewhere in Europe?

Scottish Heat Network Partnership Practitioner Group

The Practitioner Group brings together a range of public sector, non-profit and commercial organisations actively developing or operating heat networks in Scotland.

UK District Energy Vanguards Network

Local Authority knowledge exchange network about district energy systems


The Stratego project (July 2014 – July 2016), worked across 12 European countries, including Scotland, aiming to aid the development of effective heating and cooling plans and build capacities to deliver district heating on the ground.