Valuing energy, energy services and energy efficiency are important steps in numerous energy related decisions, but the tools and methods used in calculating value vary across actors and contexts. What does this mean for the achievement of policy goals in heat and energy efficiency?

We use a variety of research methods to understand approaches to valuing energy, including comparing techniques used in different countries, following the evolution of techniques over time, and examining controversies over the 'right' way to assign value. Understanding the social and material contingencies in the construction of value sheds light on how different actors make different decisions.

Energy Efficient Scotland Programme – Pilot evaluation

A multi-criteria evaluation of 25 low carbon heat and energy efficiency projects led by local authorities across Scotland.

Reframing Energy Demand – Innovation for Sustainable Heat

How are the ‘problems’ of sustainable heat and energy efficiency understood in different countries and different cities, and how can they be solved?

Local Engagement in UK Energy systems

Investigating energy plans and projects developed by UK Local Governments, in the context of our climate protection and clean energy policies.

International workshop report – Public Ownership of Energy Companies
Report from an International Workshop on Publicly Owned Energy Companies, held in Edinburgh on May 10-11 2018

David Hawkey, Margaret Tingey and Janette Webb ( 2018 )

Event report Report

Next Steps in Financing District Energy: Workshop report
Vanguards Network

Janette Webb, Margaret Tingey and David Hawkey ( 2013 )

Event report Report

Financing District Heating Initiatives: Workshop summary
Vanguards Network

David Hawkey ( 2012 )

Event report Report
What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems November 2017

Report launch and policy workshop, London

Local Authorities and Energy Investments: Challenging Research?

Local Authorities and Energy Investments: Challenging Research? June 2017

Local Authorities and Energy: Research Findings Challenge Workshop Investments, Birmingham