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Bringing Warmth to Wyndford: Wyndford Survey Preliminary Results
Wyndford Estate Survey

David McCrone, David Hawkey, Margaret Tingey and Janette Webb ( 2012 )

Working paper

DECC Heat Strategy Consultation 2012
Response to Consultation from the District Heating UK Local Authorities’ Vanguard Network

David Hawkey ( 2012 )

Consultation response

Developing District Heating in the UK: What Works?

David Hawkey and Janette Webb ( 2011 )

Working paper

Heat and the City – Year One Key Findings

Janette Webb and David Hawkey ( 2011 )

Working paper

EU City Governance and Transition to Sustainable Heat and Power

Janette Webb ( 2011 )

Working paper

Leadership and Organisation for District Energy: Workshop Report
Vanguards Network

Heather Lovell ( 2011 )

Event report Report

History of CHP and district heating in the UK (to the mid 1990s)
Background Paper

Stewart Russell ( 2010 )

Working paper