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Public Ownership, Environmental Regulation and Environmental Quality: Evidence from the European Energy Industry

Stefano Clò ( 2018 )


Is there a future for the European mega-utilities?

Steve Thomas ( 2018 )


The UK energy market context

Tony Norton ( 2018 )


Ownership models and business structures in UK Local Authority energy initiatives

Margaret Tingey ( 2018 )


Robin Hood Energy: Local Public Energy Supply Company

Gail Scholes ( 2018 )


Response to Scottish Government “Second consultation on local heat & energy efficiency strategies, and regulation of district and communal heating”

David Hawkey, Ruth Bush, Margaret Tingey and Janette Webb ( 2018 )

Consultation response

Climate Change: Can the Humans Survive? Fire Starter Festival
Fire Starter Festival – EACG – Apocalypse Now… or Never? The Reality of Climate Change.

Janette Webb ( 2018 )


Vanguards Presentation: Building your financial model
Teno Accounting

Tina Buchanan ( 2018 )


Vanguards Presentation: Learning from Scotland: business cases for heat networks
Scottish Futures Trust

Paul Moseley ( 2018 )