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Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategies, and Regulation of District Heating: Response to Consultation from the Heat and the City Research Team, University of Edinburgh

Janette Webb, David Hawkey, Ruth Bush and Margaret Tingey ( 2017 )

Consultation response

Heat and the City: Exploring affordable, low carbon community heating in cold climate cities

Janette Webb and David Hawkey ( 2014 )


Heat and the City Poster
RCUK Energy and Communities

Janette Webb, David Hawkey and Margaret Tingey ( 2014 )


Scottish Government consultation on draft Heat Generation Policy Statement June 2014
Response to Consultation from Heat and the City

David Hawkey and Janette Webb ( 2014 )

Consultation response

District Heat Policy Options in the UK: Workshop report
Vanguards Network

David Hawkey ( 2013 )

Event report Report