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Scottish policy for energy efficiency and buildings workshop June 2018 slide pack

( 2018 )


International workshop report – Public Ownership of Energy Companies
Report from an International Workshop on Publicly Owned Energy Companies, held in Edinburgh on May 10-11 2018

David Hawkey, Margaret Tingey and Janette Webb ( 2018 )

Event report Report

Response to the Competition and Markets Authority’s “Heat Networks Market Study – Update Paper”

David Hawkey ( 2018 )

Consultation response

Heat Networks Investment Project – Regional Workshops

BEIS ( 2018 )

International Workshop on Publicly Owned Energy Companies Programme

( 2018 )

Agenda Report

Water Industry Commission for Scotland

Alan Sutherland ( 2018 )


Public Ownership, Economic Democracy and Energy

Andrew Cumbers ( 2018 )


Public-private comparative economic realities and the feasibility of public ownership in UK energy system

David Hall ( 2018 )


Public Energy System – Infographic

David Hall ( 2018 )

Poster Presentation