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Ownership models and business structures in UK Local Authority energy initiatives

Margaret Tingey ( 2018 )


How do policy and market contexts affect the potential for municipal energy companies in the UK?

Katy Roelich ( 2018 )


Public Ownership as a Tool for Participation and Technical Change? German cities after remunicipalisation

Sören Becker ( 2018 )


What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems: Ambitions, Activities, Business Structures & Ways Forward

Janette Webb, Margaret Tingey and David Hawkey ( 2017 )


European Engagement with Local Energy Systems

David Hawkey ( 2015 )

Working paper

Sustainable Heating Provisions and Cities: Theory, Practice and Future Implications Workshop Programme
Event programme

( 2014 )


UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee call for evidence on Local Energy
Submission from Heat and the City

David Hawkey ( 2013 )

Consultation response