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European Engagement with Local Energy Systems

David Hawkey ( 2015 )

Working paper

The application of a large scale open water source heat pump and thermal store within an existing combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating system
Feasibility study for Aberdeen Heat and Power, funded by Scottish Government Local Energy Challenge Fund

Michael Martin ( 2015 )


Next steps for district heating in Scotland: Workshop report
Scottish Heat Networks Partnership Practitioner Group

David Hawkey, Margaret Tingey and Janette Webb ( 2015 )

Event report

Regulatory options for district heating in Scotland
Report to Scottish Government Working Group on District Heating

Ruth Bush, David Hawkey and Janette Webb ( 2015 )


Reflections from the Stratego Coaching Session 2
Visit to Aalborg, Denmark

Ruth Bush ( 2015 )


Sustainable Heating Provisions and Cities: Theory, Practice and Future Implications Workshop Programme
Event programme

( 2014 )


Heat and the City: Exploring affordable, low carbon community heating in cold climate cities

Janette Webb and David Hawkey ( 2014 )


Aberdeen Heat and Power Ltd
Draft case study for Scottish Futures Trust's district heating delivery structures guidance

Janette Webb and David Hawkey ( 2014 )