The UK Government published its Heat Strategy in March 2013. DECC wished to test proposals relating to district heating with the members of the Vanguards Network before publication. To this end the Vanguards met on Friday 15th February 2013, and were kindly hosted by Sheffield City Council at the Sheffield Town Hall.

The Workshop gave network members advance notice of the areas DECC proposes the Heat Strategy will address, and the opportunity to influence the final shape of policies. We reviewed the main proposals to provide feedback to DECC officers in order to inform the final policy. District energy extends across reserved and devolved energy policy matters, and input from both UK and Scottish governments was important in informing our discussions.

Main Topics addressed were:

Attendance was by invitation only: 60 delegates participated, representing 26 local authorities, UK and Scottish governments and agencies, two local authority owned ESCos, six commercial organisations and four academic institutions.

Thank you to our sponsors who supported the event: Carbon Trust, DECC, E.On, Powerpipe and UK Government Research Councils’ (RC-UK) Energy Programme.

The workshop report is below.

District Energy Vanguards Network meet to discuss UK Gov Heat Strategy

Heat and the City response to Energy Efficient Scotland March 2019 Consultation

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Consultation response

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Meeting the strategic challenges of UK district heating: research briefing and practitioner resources

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DEVN: Heat Networks The Road to Commercialisation LONDON Slide Pack

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Working Paper: The problem of heat and its solution – dynamics of sustainable heat policy visions in the UK, Denmark and Germany

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Working paper

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Consultation response

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Vanguards Network

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Event report Report