Workshop to challenge our arguments and ensure their accuracy for policy recommendations

Much is asserted about the potential for UK local governments to accelerate development of clean energy and achievement of climate protection goals, but little is known about their current actions on energy or their capacity to do more.

On 21 June, Jan Webb, Dave Hawkey and Mags Tingey presented a snapshot of research findings on Local Engagement in UK Energy Systems at the Energy Systems Catapult. Around 20 delegates from Local and UK Governments, Local Energy Partnerships, UK Energy Research Centre, Energy Systems Catapult, Energy Technologies Institute, and UK 100 were invited to challenge our arguments, as a way to ensure their accuracy and to sharpen up our policy recommendations for local leadership for clean energy.

The workshop focused on two aspects of findings from 40 case studies of Local Authority energy initiatives:

Local engagement in clean energy is a critical topic for society, and needs new policy and more research. Our research shows that local ambitions are considerable and there are already highly diverse and impressive achievements, with energy saving and low carbon heat as key areas. Uncertainties over the future of energy policy and local government finances is however slowing down projects, instead of facilitating the step change needed to meet climate commitments.

The workshop discussions will help shape the final project report published in the autumn.

Thanks to the Energy Systems Catapult for hosting us in Birmingham.

Local Authorities and Energy Investments: Challenging Research?

Energy retrofitting in Scotland event: skills and the supply chain slide pack

( 2019 )


Heat and the City response to Energy Efficient Scotland March 2019 Consultation

Faye Wade, Janette Webb, Margaret Tingey and Henry Myers ( 2019 )

Consultation response

Local Area Energy Planning – A Scoping Study: Final Report

Richard Cowell and Janette Webb ( 2019 )


Local Area Energy Planning – A Scoping Study: Executive Summary

Richard Cowell and Janette Webb ( 2019 )


Energy Efficient Scotland – Phase 1 pilots evaluation final report
Funding for Local Authority-led energy retrofitting pilot projects, designed to inform development of the Energy Efficient Scotland programme, was announced in 2016. This report evaluates the first phase of projects.

Ruth Bush, David McCrone, Janette Webb, James Wakelin, Leyla Usmani, Debbie Sagar ( 2018 )

What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems

What We Know about Local Authority Engagement in UK Energy Systems November 2017

Report launch and policy workshop, London